Floral Design Day: Different Types of Wedding Bouquets

28 Feb 2024 | Flowers

You’ve found the dress, you’ve locked down the venue, and you’re ready to say ‘I do’. Now, all that’s missing is the perfect wedding bouquet. This seemingly small detail can make a significant difference to the overall look and feel of your wedding. In honour of Floral Design Day taking place on the 28th of February, we’re taking a look at different types of wedding bouquets to help guide you in choosing the right one for your big day!

The Importance of Floral Design for Your Wedding

Flowers have been a central part of wedding traditions for centuries, with all eyes on the bride carrying her personal bouquet as she walks down the aisle. During the Ancient Greek and Roman times, brides would carry flowers to symbolise a wish for fertility, new beginnings and happiness in marriage. Later, during the Middle Ages, flowers were replaced with herbs and spices to ward off bad omens with their strong smells. By the Victorian era, wedding bouquets transformed into a symbol of love and passion, similar to what they represent today.

And while many wedding traditions may have changed over the years, some things remain the same: a wedding bouquet is a symbolic feature of any wedding. It goes without saying that the style of flowers chosen should complement both the bride’s dress and the overall décor of the wedding. This brings us to the main question: do you choose the wedding style first, or the flowers?

There’s no hard and fast rule here, and the answer will depend greatly on the couple’s personal style. If flower arrangements are going to be a central theme in your wedding, then you may want to pick a style first and work your way down. Are other elements, such as the bridal gown, more important to you? Then start here and choose a floral design theme to match!

The Wedding Dress and Wedding Bouquet

For many brides, the wedding dress will be one of the most defining features of their wedding, and with good reason. If you’ve already chosen your wedding dress, then you probably have a good idea of what your wedding style is going to be. 

Next, you can begin to think about your wedding bouquet. This must complement the silhouette of your dress. But the truth is, not all bouquet shapes will flatter every wedding dress. So, let’s take a look at the most popular floral designs for wedding bouquets to help you find the right one for your wedding day!

Round Wedding Bouquet – For Clean Beauty

A simple and timeless design for a bride, the round wedding bouquet is a classic floral design that is symmetrical from all angles. For this type of bouquet, floral designers often choose one type of flower and no foliage to keep the design clean and classic. This adds a touch of elegance to a traditional style wedding.

GORGEOUS Round Wedding Bouquet Featuring White Gardenia White Stephanotis White Freesia
Source: Cape Codder Resort & Spa (Pinterest)

Natural Wedding Bouquet – For the Bohemian Bride

One of the simplest yet most popular styles of wedding bouquets is the natural bouquet. These are loose, organic arrangements that reflect a more effortless, wild and natural aesthetic. This is a suitable choice for brides going for a bohemian-style wedding, as florists can include a wide range of flowers and foliage within the bouquet.

natural wedding bouquet
Source: Pinterest

Posy Wedding Bouquet – For a Royal Feel

The posy wedding bouquet is a simple and classy design, which is typically round in shape. This design uses minimal greenery and consists of blooms cut to the same length and tied tightly together by the stem. Depending on the colours and type of flower chosen, this design can veer towards the romantic or glamorous side too.

Posy Wedding Bouquet
Source: Brides.com (Pinterest)

Crescent Wedding Bouquet – For a Romantic Touch

The crescent wedding bouquet style is another option that can be used in traditional or bohemian weddings. The shape of this bouquet is that of a crescent moon, with a tighter arrangement at the top and a slight cascade of flowers on both sides. 

Crescent Bouquet
Source: Belli Fiori (Pinterest)

Cascade Wedding Bouquet – For an Asymmetrical Twist

A cascade wedding bouquet can use a mixture of flowers and greenery. This type of bouquet also varies in length and fullness. The shape of the cascade bouquet resembles a waterfall. This can add an elongating effect to the bride’s dress, making it an ideal choice for brides opting for a simpler silhouette.

20 Stunning Cascading Wedding Bouquets
Source: Brides.com (Pinterest)

Teardrop Wedding Bouquet – For Traditional Brides

This type of wedding bouquet is round at the top and comes to a point at the bottom, similar to the shape of a teardrop. This design uses wiring to create a beautiful teardrop shape and keep it in place throughout the ceremony. The tightness of the arrangement can vary. Tighter bouquets tend to be more suited to classic wedding dresses with full skirts and trains.

Teardrop bouquet
Source: Alex | Idalia Photography (Pinterest)

Nosegay Wedding Bouquet – For Understated Elegance

The Nosegay wedding bouquet is a small arrangement that can often be held in one hand. Whether it’s made using one type of flower or a mixture of blooms, the main feature of this type of bouquet is its smaller size. It is usually made up of just a few stems, making it a perfect choice for a sophisticated wedding.

Ruffled photo by Julia Elizabeth Photography https ruffledblog com old charm new york wedding inspiration
Source: Pinterest

Pageant Wedding Bouquet – For a Statement

Just as the name suggests, the pageant wedding bouquet is a modern design that makes a statement. For this wedding bouquet, floral designers usually opt for more eye-catching flowers. What makes this bouquet particularly special is that it is designed to be held in the nook of your arm, just like in a beauty pageant. What a perfect way to complement the woman of the hour!

Minimal Mid Century Modern Inspired Tent Wedding Stone House Creative
Source: Stone House Creative (Pinterest)

Pomander Wedding Bouquet – For Vintage Lovers

Last but not least, the pomander wedding bouquet is a less common choice that will resonate with vintage-loving brides. The pomander is made up of a ball of flowers held together by a string, which swings freely as the bride makes her way down the aisle. This type of wedding bouquet is also a popular choice for flower girls.

Clara Floral Pomander
Source: McGarry Wedding Design (Pinterest)

Need help choosing the right wedding bouquet for you? Get in touch with a member of our team at MYWeddingPlanner, and we’ll help you find the perfect bouquet to complement your dream wedding!

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